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Vehicle Database Query Results - Occupant Information
NOTE: Only data that has been reviewed and released from NHTSA/OCR's quality control process is available via this interface.

Listed below are the occupant records corresponding to the previously applied test and vehicle query criteria. The results describe the occupants, if any, their location within the vehicle(s), and respective injury criteria values. Click on the links in the "Test No.", Occupant Location, or Restraint columns to view corresponding detail pages.

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Test No.Vehicle No.Occupant LocationOccupant TypeOccupant SexDummy Size PercentileHead Injury CriterionLower Boundary of HIC Time Interval (millisecs.)Upper Boundary of HIC Time Interval (millisecs.)3 millisec.-clip tdorax region peak acceleration (g's)Left Femur Peak Load Measure (newtons)Right Femur Peak Load Measure (newtons)Chest Severity IndexLap Belt Peak Load Measurement (newtons)Shoulder Belt Peak Load Measurement (newtons)Restraint Information
94882LEFT FRONT SEATEUROSID 2 (ES-2RE) SIDE IMPACT DUMMYMALE50 PERCENTILE17138.4066.70000000Restraint Information
94882LEFT REAR SEATSID-IIS SIDE IMPACT DUMMYFEMALE5 PERCENTILE22944.3072.80000000Restraint Information