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Registered guests responded to a number of thought-provoking questions addressing specific in-vehicle technologies and general crosscutting issues. Results are provided below (note that results are not scientific and should not be interpreted as representative of drivers in general. Rather, results were intended to stimulate and focus discussion on these topics and provide a sense of the general feelings of forum participants).

In-Vehicle Technologies: Experience & Research

Is it safe to talk on a cell phone while driving?
Yes 238 
No 801 
Don't Know 30 
# of Votes  1069

Which of the following is your biggest safety concern associated with cell phone use while driving?
Dialing a telephone number 278 
Answering the telephone 23 
Holding a conversation 351 
Doing cell-phone related tasks such as writing-down notes while holding a conversation 336 
# of Votes  988

Under which conditions would you feel it safe to use a cell phone.
Anytime while driving 53 
When driving under light traffic conditions (on open road conditions) 213 
Itís never safe to use a cell phone while driving 466 
# of Votes  732

Do you use a hands-free or hand-held cell phone while driving?
Yes, hands free 60 
Yes, hand-held 109 
Both, hands-free and hand-held 43 
Own, but donít use while driving 167 
Donít own 194 
# of Votes  573

If you use a ďhands freeĒ phone while driving, how often do you use it in your vehicle in its hands free mode?
Frequently 59 
Sometimes 24 
Rarely 33 
Do no use while driving 204 
# of Votes  320

How often do you receive calls when you drive?
Frequently 42 
Sometimes 85 
Rarely 156 
Never 199 
# of Votes  482

For navigation systems, how important a feature is the capability to view maps while driving (when the vehicle is in motion)?
Very important, wouldnít buy a system without this capability 90 
Somewhat important, but not critical 65 
Not important as long as turn-by-turn directions were provided 277 
Donít Know 168 
# of Votes  600

Would you purchase a system that prevents you from entering a destination address while the vehicle is in motion?
Yes 315 
No 166 
# of Votes  481

In your opinion, would a night vision system (designed to display distant objects on a head-up display low on the windshield) improve safety or pose a threat to safety by distracting drivers?
Increase safety 81 
No effect 11 
Decrease safety 48 
Don't know 71 
# of Votes  211

Benefits & Safety Risks

In terms of safety, what type of distraction concerns you more?
Using cell phones, navigation systems and other advanced technologies while driving. 365 
Doing other activities while driving (e.g., eating, drinking, etc.) 95 
Both are equally concerning 450 
# of Votes  910

Have you ever witnessed, or experienced a close call or crash resulting from a driver using a cellular phone or from your personal use with a cell phone?
Witnessed/experienced a crash 85 
Witnessed/experienced a close call 346 
Never observed or experienced either 109 
# of Votes  540

How capable are drivers at making decisions about when it is safe to use technology while driving?
Very capable 25 
Reasonably capable 107 
Drivers do a poor job 431 
Drivers cannot make these judgments 97 
# of Votes  660

Have you ever witnessed, or experienced a close call or crash resulting from a driver being distracted by something other than a cell phone? (e.g. reading a map, eating, personal grooming)
Witnessed/experienced a crash 170 
Witnessed/experienced a close call 405 
Never observed or experienced either 155 
# of Votes  730

Equipment Design Features (Impacts on Safety)

If purchasing an in-vehicle device, how much of an influence does the design and ease of use of devices have on your selection?
Most important factor 179 
Important, but tempered by other factors 277 
Not particularly important 40 
Not a consideration at all 74 
# of Votes  570

Can auditory systems (devices with the capability to interpret voice commands, or communicate using speech messages) address the safety concerns associated with operating in-vehicle technologies?
To a large extent 213 
Only somewhat 276 
Minimally 275 
Donítí know 79 
# of Votes  843

Do you believe hands-free technology is sufficient to address safety concerns related to cell phone use while driving?
Yes 107 
No 380 
Don't Know 33 
# of Votes  520

Is it possible to design electronic maps that can be safely used while driving?
Yes 202 
No 238 
Don't Know 175 
# of Votes  615

Is it possible to design wireless Internet devices (e.g., e-mail systems) that can be safely used while driving?
Yes 166 
No 552 
Don't Know 133 
# of Votes  851

Regulations, Guidelines & Enforcement

Should States or local governments enact laws to restrict the use of cell phones while driving?
Yes 646 
No 196 
Don't Know 32 
# of Votes  874

Safety Campaigns & Public Education

Have you changed how you use your cell phone in your vehicle because of a safety tip you saw or heard?
Yes 323 
No 211 
Don't use a cell phone 302 
# of Votes  836

Can public education and training about the safe use of in-vehicle technologies (e.g., cell phones, navigation systems, etc.) increase safety?
To a large extent 212 
Only somewhat 269 
Minimally 367 
Donít Know 11 
# of Votes  859