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Public Meeting
In addition to the Internet Forum, NHTSA will also hold a public meeting on Tuesday, July 18, 2000, at which representatives of the public, industry, government, and safety groups are invited to share viewpoints, information, and recommendations regarding strategies to minimize potential adverse effects of driver distraction on safety when using in-vehicle devices. More information on the public meeting can be found at:
Driver Distraction

After July 18, 2000, copies of public meeting presentations that are submitted electronically will be posted here. In addition, a transcript of the meeting will be placed in Docket No. NHTSA-99-6270, which NHTSA has established as a repository for presentations, statements, and comments on issues related to the safety of in-vehicle technologies. Persons submitting comments to the Internet Forum do not need to submit copies to the docket. Docket submissions can be found at: