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Papers, polls, Q&A items, and comments on this page are oriented to topics and issues associated with safety campaigns and public education regarding the safe use of in-vehicle technologies. Feel free to post comments on issues outlined below, or in response to papers, polls, and/or questions submitted to our expert panel. A moderator has been assigned to periodically synthesize comments, keep discussions focused and moving, emphasize key points, and offer additional insights into related issues.


Safety Campaigns

  • What information should be provided in public service announcements and how effective will it be? Who are the target drivers and how can they be reached?
  • What information does the public need, as drivers or as consumers of technology products?
  • How effective is the provision of safety tips? Do we understand the problem well enough to provide good tips?
Public Education
  • Is there a “learning curve” that makes the distraction risk particularly great for novice users of a technology or a specific product? Is there some way that training or practice could be introduced to minimize this?
  • Is there a need to introduce driver distraction/technology use into driver education curricula? Do novice drivers potentially have greater distraction problems and can training help with this?


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Safety Campaigns
   Have you changed how you use your cell phone in your vehicle because of a safety tip you saw or heard?   

comments   Driver Education: the secret to safer highways.   7/18/00 10:16:08 PM

comments   Reply and Question to Education Advocates   7/19/00 12:26:56 PM

comments   Safety campaigns will only go so far   7/19/00 3:29:19 PM

comments   Increased Awareness of the Need for Safety   7/20/00 5:38:58 PM

comments   Appreciating the Privilege of Driving   7/20/00 9:57:10 PM
Submitted Anonymously
Private Citizen

Refering to: Reply and Question to Education Advocates

To paraphrase what I wrote in a comment yesterday, being without the luxury of being able to drive will put the entire matter in perspective. In general, as human beings, we do not realize how good we have it until we DON'T have it. When one has to rely on public transportation, expensive cabs, or friends or family members to get where one has to go, one develops an INSTANT appreciation of the privilege of driving. Perhaps returning to the 1970s' oil shortage days when we were not permitted to drive one day a week would be a good idea. And a penalty of automatic permanent revocation of one's license for DUI, DWI, and intentional reckless driving. A concerned citizen who does appreciate the privilege of driving.

comments   Educator's response to Joan Harris, Moderator   7/24/00 10:09:27 PM

comments   I agree with Mark Renn   7/26/00 4:38:21 PM
Public Education
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