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This page is devoted to discussions regarding specific in-vehicle technologies: cell phones, navigation systems, night vision systems, wireless Internet, and information and entertainment systems, among others. The purpose is to provide an avenue for drivers to share their experiences with, and impressions of these technologies so that benefits of these systems can be realized without causing unsafe driver distraction. Although specific in-vehicle devices are emphasized here, comment and discussion relevant to other non-technological or conventional sources of distraction are also welcome. Be sure to take or view results of our informal polls.

Please tell us about your experience with these technologies…


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Cell Phones
   The Influence of the Use of Mobile Phones on Driver Situation Awareness   5/17/00 2:31:00 PM

   Individual Differences and In-Vehicle Distraction While Driving: A Test Track Study and Psychometric Evaluation   5/18/00 10:35:38 AM

   Is it safe to talk on a cell phone while driving?   

   Which of the following is your biggest safety concern associated with cell phone use while driving?   

   Under which conditions would you feel it safe to use a cell phone.   

   Do you use a hands-free or hand-held cell phone while driving?   

   If you use a “hands free” phone while driving, how often do you use it in your vehicle in its hands free mode?   

   How often do you receive calls when you drive?   

comments   Pedestrian vs. SUV?   7/5/00 9:05:43 AM

comments   non-standard vehicles   7/5/00 10:23:17 AM

comments   Pull over or get off of the Phone!!   7/5/00 11:57:36 AM

comments   Vacant Drivers   7/5/00 12:12:24 PM

comments   To My Kids   7/5/00 12:50:56 PM

comments   Distractions   7/5/00 1:27:38 PM

comments   Cell Phones vs. Alcohol   7/5/00 2:55:02 PM

comments   look out!! He/she is on the phone!   7/5/00 3:23:19 PM

comments   Vacant drivers threaten bicyclists as well as motorcyclists   7/5/00 3:58:12 PM

comments   Conversation Depth vs. Frequency vs. Complexity   7/6/00 7:21:55 AM

comments   Agree   7/6/00 8:43:26 AM

comments   I used to talk and drive   7/6/00 9:55:47 AM

comments   Poor performance due to distractions not limited to cell phones   7/6/00 11:16:00 AM

comments   Tending to a child in the vehicle is another distraction problem   7/6/00 1:48:11 PM

comments   VAcant Drivers   7/6/00 1:49:37 PM

comments   July 6,2000 Fatality in Grand Rapids, MI   7/7/00 7:41:55 AM

comments   Get off of the phone!   7/7/00 9:04:24 AM

comments   study   7/7/00 11:11:21 AM

comments   Study - cellphone use effects compared to alcohol consumption   7/7/00 11:19:40 AM

comments   DRIVING IS A FULL TIME JOB!!!!   7/7/00 2:01:56 PM

comments   We all do it!   7/8/00 10:30:32 AM

comments   Communications Industry   7/8/00 1:26:29 PM

comments   The ads in magazines alone are frightening   7/8/00 4:50:11 PM

comments   All communication devices are dangerous while driving   7/8/00 6:08:13 PM

comments   I think the study you mentioned is posted on the Index page    7/8/00 8:33:42 PM

comments   An "M" Chip?   7/9/00 3:38:49 PM

comments   Study - Common misinterpretation   7/9/00 3:53:39 PM

comments   Correction: An "M" Chip?   7/9/00 4:05:44 PM

comments   Cell Phones   7/9/00 4:18:38 PM

comments   The larger issue of distracted driving   7/9/00 4:47:09 PM

comments   Laws to address hazardous driving   7/9/00 5:10:55 PM

comments   Wireless communication saves lives in emergency situations   7/9/00 5:36:51 PM

comments   cell phones are a danger in a moving vehicle   7/9/00 8:16:04 PM

comments   Not so fast - emergency overload.   7/9/00 10:00:56 PM

comments   Driving attitudes are reckless at best.   7/9/00 10:25:08 PM

   How does crash risk change as a function of driver experience using car phones? Does risk drop or increase? Does this generalizes to other in-vehicle technologies?   7/10/00 12:54:04 PM

comments   Study based on simulation   7/11/00 12:05:56 AM

comments   simulation valid?   7/11/00 3:16:43 AM

comments   M chips exist for some navigation systems   7/11/00 8:45:24 PM

comments   A Researchers Tool Bag, How to Measure & Define the Distraction Problem   7/12/00 6:14:40 PM

comments   Ban Them While Driving!   7/13/00 2:20:27 PM

comments   Cell Phones vs: Loud Pipes   7/13/00 4:03:10 PM

comments   How many fatal accidents before cell phone use while driving is banned?   7/13/00 9:08:13 PM

comments   Single handed parking lot manuevers.   7/13/00 11:45:28 PM

comments   Common Sense   7/14/00 1:44:25 AM

comments   Many sources of distraction   7/14/00 8:29:54 AM

comments   Test situation...   7/14/00 9:18:28 AM

comments   Police talk on the while they drive around on duty!   7/14/00 9:30:24 AM

comments   Police talk on the phone while they drive around on duty!   7/14/00 9:31:07 AM

comments   Cell Phone   7/14/00 9:56:46 AM

comments   Distraction and the repurcussions of banning car cell phone use   7/14/00 10:03:26 AM

comments   GET OFF THE ROAD IF ON THE CELL- DEFINITELY   7/14/00 10:43:07 AM

comments   GET OFF THE ROAD IF ON THE CELL- DEFINITELY   7/14/00 10:46:58 AM

comments   Multi-tasking Driving   7/14/00 12:33:51 PM

comments   Get over yourselves - Take Responsibility!   7/14/00 12:47:35 PM

comments   agree   7/14/00 12:48:04 PM

comments   States' Rights   7/14/00 12:56:42 PM

comments   HOW TRUE THIS IS   7/14/00 1:43:14 PM

comments   What constitutes need?   7/14/00 1:53:01 PM

comments   You've got to be kidding   7/14/00 2:09:01 PM

comments   Let's focus on practical solutions.   7/14/00 2:44:04 PM

comments   response to the ads are frightening   7/14/00 3:03:55 PM

comments   Talking on the cell phone with both hands on the wheel   7/14/00 5:07:55 PM

comments   Terrified   7/14/00 5:43:06 PM

comments   How about training motorists to DRIVE first, then worry about cellphones.   7/14/00 5:49:49 PM

comments   not paying attention   7/14/00 7:13:46 PM

comments   Max features on HUD   7/14/00 8:39:38 PM

comments   It's easy to blame.   7/14/00 9:36:11 PM

comments   Personal Responsibility is the Issue   7/14/00 10:35:37 PM

comments   should be illegal to use while driving   7/15/00 12:39:22 AM

comments   Driver-friendly technology is solution   7/15/00 9:18:40 AM

comments   We have DUI laws to punish irresponsible drinkers, what are we doing about irresponsible cell-phone users?    7/15/00 12:11:30 PM

comments   Distraction Associated With Cell Phones   7/15/00 12:24:19 PM

comments   Banned usem not necessary   7/15/00 3:36:53 PM

comments   Banned use not necessary   7/15/00 3:37:05 PM

comments   Cell phone Drivers???????   7/15/00 4:33:44 PM

comments   Sadly it will take....   7/15/00 4:47:00 PM

comments   Think About What You Believe   7/15/00 8:09:52 PM

comments   You Miss the Whole Point if You Think Cell Phones Should be Banned   7/15/00 8:29:04 PM

comments   There should be research into all distractions (such as putting on make-up), not just technological devices.   7/15/00 10:12:56 PM

comments   Cell Phones- Feds Should Pass Legislation Requiring Hands-Free Technology for Those who Talk and Drive   7/16/00 11:21:00 AM

comments   Time to Act!!!   7/16/00 11:56:57 AM

comments   BOTH hands on the wheel   7/16/00 2:29:11 PM

comments   Commercial Trucks & Phones   7/16/00 6:30:22 PM

comments   Hands free systems also need voice recognition to dial phones   7/16/00 8:00:53 PM

comments   Isn't It Obvious?   7/16/00 8:38:51 PM

comments   From A Commercial Truck Driver... 7/16/00 2230   7/16/00 10:53:23 PM

comments   Eating fries are more dangerous!   7/17/00 12:09:00 AM

comments   Raging at Spouses   7/17/00 9:57:05 AM

comments   Raging at Spouses   7/17/00 9:57:44 AM

comments   IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!   7/17/00 1:00:16 PM

comments   Close calls   7/17/00 1:10:43 PM

comments   Close calls   7/17/00 1:17:34 PM

comments   Distractions other than Cell Phones   7/18/00 5:30:35 AM

comments   cell phones versus bicyclist   7/18/00 6:24:57 AM

comments   Driving While Talking Shown to be asDangerous as Driving Drunk? Not!   7/18/00 7:49:27 AM

comments   Saving Lives   7/18/00 10:53:43 AM

comments   Agree that cell phones are not the only distractions that cause poor driving performance but they may be the most serious   7/18/00 11:30:50 AM

comments   Sensible limitations on cell-phone use while driving   7/18/00 11:33:35 AM

comments   New laws not needed to curb in-car device use while driving   7/18/00 3:15:36 PM

comments   modern conveniences   7/18/00 3:36:53 PM

comments   Keep both hands on the wheel   7/18/00 4:04:44 PM

comments   Re: Pull over or get off the phone!!   7/18/00 4:33:23 PM

comments   The rich once again obviously rule.   7/18/00 5:13:49 PM

comments   Cell Phones: Children are victims too!!!!!   7/18/00 5:15:55 PM

comments   Don't Run Over Me   7/18/00 5:17:28 PM

comments   Cellphone Use is Dangerous   7/18/00 5:18:25 PM

comments   My goodness.    7/18/00 5:34:12 PM

comments   cell phone user agrees cell phone use is dangerous   7/18/00 5:53:08 PM

comments   Completely agree--Cell phones and Driving Don't Mix!   7/18/00 5:59:31 PM

comments   Countless Close Calls In Honolulu   7/18/00 6:05:48 PM

comments   Hands-Free Technology   7/18/00 7:00:00 PM

comments   Finally, someone with sense!   7/18/00 7:05:04 PM

comments   The United States Government?   7/18/00 7:29:34 PM

comments   Hands Free options keep drivers alert   7/18/00 7:33:17 PM

comments   Get off of my case!!   7/18/00 7:35:49 PM

comments   Who ever dials a phone while driving?   7/18/00 7:50:07 PM

comments   In Total Agreement   7/18/00 8:07:59 PM

comments   Get Off My Case ----- Typical of Cell Phone Users   7/18/00 8:19:58 PM

comments   u are wrong   7/18/00 8:21:54 PM

comments   Most Drivers Shouldn't be Behind the Wheel Let Alone Using a Phone   7/18/00 8:24:33 PM

comments   Hang up and drive   7/18/00 8:39:21 PM

comments   lateral vision cell obstruction & tinted windows   7/18/00 9:19:10 PM

comments   ten four, oops I'm dating...   7/18/00 9:23:06 PM

comments   Cars are for Driving   7/18/00 9:36:49 PM

comments   I would be dead if...   7/18/00 9:38:22 PM

comments   How do you think people did your job 10 to 15 years ago???   7/18/00 9:42:38 PM

comments   you're one of the few...   7/18/00 10:00:39 PM

comments   I agree...   7/18/00 10:10:41 PM

comments   AWWW   7/18/00 10:16:01 PM

comments   Yeah, IT IS BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE   7/18/00 10:28:46 PM

comments   Should we also ban standard transmissions? And car radios? And drive-through windows? These all require one hand off the wheel.   7/18/00 10:29:56 PM

comments   True, but isn't this just hearings and speeches into the matter   7/18/00 10:36:54 PM

comments   You're right... PARTLY. Now Try this experiment!!!   7/18/00 10:48:08 PM

comments   Read the post im referring too... Another user admitting to be distracted while driving!!!   7/18/00 11:00:27 PM

comments   Yes new laws are needed   7/18/00 11:19:31 PM

comments   Another person partly right...   7/18/00 11:28:59 PM

comments   Missing the ISSUE here... God and your in Goverment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   7/18/00 11:36:10 PM

comments   Driving While Talking Shown to be asDangerous as Driving Drunk? Not! AHHH!!! BUT wait and read on...   7/18/00 11:51:53 PM

comments   Don't worry, we're trying to ban cigarettes too!!!   7/18/00 11:56:42 PM

comments   Cell Phone Use by Drivers Can Save Lives Too!   7/19/00 4:30:51 AM

comments   Cell phones and driver education!   7/19/00 4:53:37 AM

comments   Cell Phones: Pull over or get off of the Phone!!    7/19/00 5:11:35 AM

comments   50/50   7/19/00 7:38:21 AM

comments   Too many phones and a lot of other bad behaviour as well   7/19/00 8:53:18 AM

comments   Cell phone conversations versus passenger conversations   7/19/00 9:07:06 AM

comments   But they say we can...   7/19/00 9:08:07 AM

comments   Cell phones, bad drivers, and the rule of law.   7/19/00 9:15:13 AM

comments   Does safety improve with voice activated, hands-free technologies?   7/19/00 9:31:10 AM

comments   Cell Phone Use in Moving Vehicles Must Be Banned   7/19/00 9:34:24 AM

comments   Wearable heads-up wireless computer display   7/19/00 9:46:56 AM

comments   2 Pennies from across the Net   7/19/00 9:54:55 AM

comments   Reminiscent of Nazi Germany   7/19/00 10:37:18 AM

comments   Think outside the metal box, too!   7/19/00 10:49:11 AM

comments   Does anyone else remember the CB radio craze of the 70's?   7/19/00 10:57:55 AM

comments   Basic Respect   7/19/00 11:01:17 AM

comments   Cell Phones   7/19/00 11:01:17 AM

comments   I agree!!!   7/19/00 11:03:09 AM

comments   yea but   7/19/00 11:03:45 AM

comments   Cell phones   7/19/00 11:08:36 AM

comments   Cell-Phones designed for safety   7/19/00 11:15:57 AM

comments   I see it all the time   7/19/00 11:22:39 AM

comments   Bad Driving period   7/19/00 11:22:41 AM

comments   As dangerous as DUI!   7/19/00 11:24:09 AM

comments   Nazi?   7/19/00 11:28:22 AM

comments   Cell phones with vehicle connection   7/19/00 11:58:31 AM

comments   Cell Phones are not the demon   7/19/00 11:58:40 AM

comments   Study:Cell Phones and Driving vs. Drinking and Driving   7/19/00 11:59:42 AM

comments   Enforcement of all traffic laws would be a good first step   7/19/00 12:04:43 PM

comments   cellphone use while driving   7/19/00 12:47:28 PM

comments   Right on, Amy!   7/19/00 12:49:16 PM

comments   What are they thinking??   7/19/00 1:06:07 PM

comments   And Ban Radios too!!!   7/19/00 1:37:55 PM

comments   Hang It Up   7/19/00 1:42:51 PM

comments   Re: Right on, Amy!   7/19/00 1:44:18 PM

comments   Check out the Poll Responses   7/19/00 2:38:39 PM

comments   A motorcyclist's perspective.   7/19/00 2:42:34 PM

comments   A motorcyclist's perspective.   7/19/00 2:42:34 PM

comments   Taking care of the cellphone problem on your own.   7/19/00 2:50:36 PM

comments   Nothing is that important   7/19/00 2:54:17 PM

comments   Cell Phones & Driving do not mix   7/19/00 4:13:40 PM

comments   Please Get a Hands Free Phone or Hands Free Phone Hook Up   7/19/00 6:16:14 PM

comments   Vacant Drivers' Glassy Eyed Stares   7/19/00 8:34:53 PM

comments   RE: Vacant drivers threaten bicyclists as well as motorcyclists   7/20/00 7:35:05 AM

comments   Careless drivers risk the lives of cyclists and pedestrians   7/20/00 8:21:05 AM

comments   In response to "check out the polls"   7/20/00 12:41:19 PM

comments   In response to "check out the polls" correction   7/20/00 12:43:35 PM

comments   Education not legislation   7/20/00 12:52:23 PM

comments   Distractions   7/20/00 1:02:56 PM

comments   or lack of perspective   7/20/00 1:18:58 PM

comments   Cell Phone Drunks   7/20/00 2:19:48 PM

comments   The One and Only Responsibility   7/20/00 2:37:58 PM

comments   Freedom   7/20/00 3:45:13 PM

comments   Cell phone distraction   7/20/00 4:31:52 PM

comments   Pull over or get off the phone   7/20/00 4:40:49 PM

comments   Pull over or get off the phone   7/20/00 4:59:26 PM

comments   Judgement vice Device Regulation vice Design   7/20/00 5:04:12 PM

comments   distraction - vacant drivers   7/20/00 5:10:10 PM

comments   RE: Does anyone else remember the CB radio craze of the 70's   7/20/00 6:05:51 PM

comments   Risk may be reduced but not eliminated   7/20/00 6:23:10 PM

   Would not the universal application of speech recognition technology allow the safe dialing of numbers via cell phone while driving?   7/21/00 7:24:35 AM

comments   MOTORCYCLES!!!   7/21/00 9:59:50 AM

comments   Freedom?   7/21/00 11:56:54 AM

comments   That's because it's not a law yet.   7/21/00 12:09:29 PM

comments   Re: Freedom?   7/21/00 12:17:36 PM

comments   Draconian Inforcement   7/21/00 1:33:40 PM

comments   Cell phones are dangerous and should be banned while driving!   7/21/00 2:35:02 PM

comments   RE:Cell phones are dangerous and should be banned while driving!   7/21/00 6:17:42 PM

comments   RE:Cell phones are dangerous and should be banned while driving!   7/21/00 6:18:20 PM

comments   High School Girl Killed By Drunken Stoned Driver Distracted By Cell Phone   7/21/00 7:28:42 PM

comments   Cell Phone Distrations   7/21/00 8:33:39 PM

comments   DISTRACTION: Failure To Concentrate And/Or Failure To Be Responsible.   7/21/00 9:48:17 PM

comments   Police talk on the phone while they drive    7/21/00 10:35:33 PM

comments   get a life.    7/22/00 11:51:42 AM

comments   re: Cell Phone Distractions!   7/22/00 12:48:36 PM

comments   Rather save a life!   7/22/00 1:02:44 PM

comments   Amen to Ted!   7/22/00 2:18:52 PM

comments   Distracted drivers do kill pedestrians   7/22/00 8:33:51 PM

comments   re: get a life   7/22/00 8:34:35 PM

comments   re: freedom   7/22/00 8:51:57 PM

comments   re:Cell Phones - What's more important?   7/22/00 9:05:30 PM

comments   Remember Why the Car was Invented?   7/22/00 9:26:41 PM

comments   Cell Phones and Computers   7/22/00 10:30:03 PM

comments   Good Points but...   7/23/00 11:11:17 AM

comments   You're right, to a degree...   7/23/00 11:57:03 AM

comments   Your'e missing the point   7/23/00 1:38:49 PM

comments   Your'e missing the point   7/23/00 1:41:21 PM

comments   Don't need a new law; the problem is with the drivers!   7/23/00 6:38:08 PM

comments   Short Sighted   7/24/00 6:29:40 AM

   Where are all the crashes? (see detailed question below)   7/24/00 7:19:12 AM

comments   What distraction to ban !   7/24/00 9:57:33 AM

comments   Governing the masses   7/24/00 12:35:18 PM

comments   All drivers (including myself) are distracted when talking on a cell phone   7/24/00 2:13:42 PM

comments   All drivers (including myself) are distracted when talking on a cell phone   7/24/00 2:13:47 PM

comments   I was a victim of cell phone use in car   7/24/00 2:15:32 PM

comments   Should be made illegal!!!   7/24/00 5:39:58 PM

comments   RE: What distraction to ban   7/25/00 10:17:13 AM

comments   RE: Don't need a law; the problem is with the drivers   7/25/00 12:08:39 PM

comments   Cell Phones   7/25/00 2:15:46 PM

comments   please hang up   7/25/00 3:34:37 PM

comments   History in the Making   7/25/00 7:25:43 PM

comments   Opposite of Major Opinion   7/25/00 9:20:39 PM

comments   Over regulation   7/25/00 9:21:18 PM

comments   RE: Over regulation   7/26/00 8:51:43 AM

comments   RE: Opposite of Major Oppinion   7/26/00 9:25:01 AM

comments   RE: History in the making   7/26/00 9:56:07 AM

comments   Measured Freedom.   7/26/00 4:57:14 PM


comments   Distractions   7/26/00 6:54:43 PM

comments   He's obviously a jerk   7/26/00 7:58:40 PM

comments   Cell Phones   7/26/00 8:10:55 PM

comments   People should be capable of doing multiple tasks   7/26/00 8:18:21 PM

comments   Distraction in the first two minutes of the call   7/26/00 9:14:59 PM

comments   RE: People should be capable of doing multiple tasks    7/27/00 2:30:30 PM

comments   Everything you should know about talking and driving   7/27/00 3:25:16 PM

comments   Cell phones are a small portion of what you should be concerned about.   7/27/00 4:07:26 PM

comments   RE: Cell phones are a small portion of what you should be concerned about   7/28/00 9:03:15 AM

comments   Using a HUD Head-up Display with phone, internet etc.   7/28/00 12:40:53 PM

comments   untitled;   7/30/00 12:07:26 AM

comments   untitled;again   7/30/00 1:31:21 AM

comments   Threat by cell usage in the US and Europe   7/30/00 11:14:13 AM

comments   "We don't all do it"   7/30/00 11:54:49 AM

comments   Your comments are a distraction.   7/30/00 11:25:37 PM

comments   Wireless companies know legislation is coming   7/31/00 1:29:02 AM

   What impact has cell phone use in Japan had on accident rates, and what steps, if any, has the government taken to improve safety?   7/31/00 6:33:42 AM

comments   Yes, let's do focus on (key word) PRACTICAL solutions   7/31/00 8:42:43 AM

comments   Cell Phones - Hands Free Attachments/Accessories   7/31/00 9:41:47 AM

comments   RE: "We don't all do it"    7/31/00 10:44:57 AM

comments   speed/distraction/miles traveled   7/31/00 2:14:34 PM

comments   If you can't drive safely... DON'T!   7/31/00 3:44:14 PM

comments   A Costly Price for Experience   8/1/00 7:07:25 AM

comments   Ban Cigarette Smoking & Eating TOO   8/1/00 9:14:16 AM

comments   A solution to prevent 100% of ALL car accidents......   8/2/00 4:29:57 PM

comments   Voice control instead of visual/manual, but not quite far enough . . .   8/3/00 8:45:47 AM

comments   Another Safety Nazi!!!   8/3/00 12:33:58 PM

comments   Commercial Trucks & Phones 7/16/00 6:30:22 PM   8/3/00 3:36:38 PM
Submitted Anonymously
Private Citizen

Refering to: Commercial Trucks & Phones

I wanted to comment on the post "Commercial Trucks & Phones   7/16/00 6:30:22 PM", especially because of the fact that I saw the results of the accident that was described in that post.

I was leaving work on the afternoon of 6/08/98 when I passed the accident scene mentioned in the above post. I was traveling in the opposite direction at the time on a road with a median in between the two roadways. I usually DO NOT rubberneck accident scenes, preferring to keep my attention focused on the traffic that poses the most immediate threat.  For some reason though I looked over at the scene of this one as I passed by it.

A large commercial truck had slammed into the car ahead of it with enough force to accordion the trunk of the car all the way forward into the front seat area. In fact, the front of the truck itself was sitting on top of all that mangled metal with the front bumper of the truck in about the location that the steering wheel of the car would have been located, had it not been repositioned by the impact. The car had been pushed forward by the impact into the vehicle ahead of it and because of that the car's front end was shoved back almost halfway to the windshield.

I only looked over at it for about a second, and what I saw was enough for me to have no doubt in my mind that whoever was in that car was dead, of that fact there was no doubt in my mind.

There were several people already getting out of their cars on the accident side of the road to render assistance and there was no apparent need for me to pull over to help, even if there was a safe place for me to pull over.  A month previous to this accident I had stopped to help the driver of a car in Pa. who had just broken a telephone pole into two halves with her car.  She was bloody and unconscious at the scene, but survived with no long term injuries ( as I understand from the news reports about that accident ).

With the memory of that scene still pretty fresh in my mind, I had no desire to stop for this one.  If I had thought that by stopping and lending a hand I could have helped the victims I would have, but I had no desire to view what I believed would be nothing but bloody death.  There were already plenty of people stopping to help, so I drove on.

I don't know if it was because I did not stop to help (even if my help was not needed) or if it was for some other reason, but I was somewhat haunted by that accident for a while.  I asked a coworker the next day if she knew anything about the accident from the night before ( it happened about a half a mile from where we work), and she told me that all she knew about it was from a news report on the radio that evening.

She told me that the driver of the car involved had been finally extracted from the car and taken by Medivac Helicopter to the Shock Trauma unit at a nearby hospital.

I was absolutely amazed that the driver had survived after what I had seen.

About a month later my phone rang at work.  It was a call from a longtime friend of mine. She was calling from the hospital, where she told me she had been since June 8th.  She had been the driver of the car in the accident above.

I was completely flabbergasted..........

That car was so mangled that I didn't even recognize it as her car.

It turned out to be a good thing that I did not stop to help, because if I had stopped and realized who was driving that car I don't know what I might have done to the driver of a truck that was so preoccupied with his cell phone that he did not even see two lanes of stopped traffic about 10-15 vehicles deep at the red light up ahead of him.  As I understand it, he was doing at least 40 MPH and never even touched the brakes before the collision occurred.

To make things worse, that section of road provides a straight, clear and unobstructed view for a good 1/2 mile or more before that traffic light. If he had been watching the road instead of being distracted by that cell phone, my friend would not have been put through the two years of hell that she has gone through so far, with no idea if or when she may get back to normal again.

I see people driving while talking on cell phones all the time, and they are some of the worst drivers I see.  That truck driver did serious damage to another because of the cell phone, and there are plenty more idiots out there like him.

As far as I am concerned, a cell phone should be used by the driver of a moving vehicle ONLY in an EMERGENCY !!!

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