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This page is devoted to discussions regarding specific in-vehicle technologies: cell phones, navigation systems, night vision systems, wireless Internet, and information and entertainment systems, among others. The purpose is to provide an avenue for drivers to share their experiences with, and impressions of these technologies so that benefits of these systems can be realized without causing unsafe driver distraction. Although specific in-vehicle devices are emphasized here, comment and discussion relevant to other non-technological or conventional sources of distraction are also welcome. Be sure to take or view results of our informal polls.

Please tell us about your experience with these technologies…


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Cell Phones
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Navigation Systems
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Night Vision Systems
Wireless Internet (E-mail)
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Information & Entertainment Systems
comment   To My Kids   7/5/00 12:46:08 PM

comment   Kids, etc.   7/9/00 8:13:29 PM

comment   Children may be the root of All Evil   7/14/00 7:10:42 AM

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comment   How do you know they are slow in the left lane??   7/14/00 5:42:15 PM

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comment   Your speedometer is an indicator of your speed.   7/15/00 4:01:02 AM

comment   Kids not necessarily the root of All Evil   7/15/00 4:15:37 AM

comment   Is it just me, or what?   7/15/00 4:21:16 AM

comment   If it's illegal to have a TV within view of the driver, why should cell-phones be any different?   7/15/00 11:33:58 AM

comment   The Speed Limit is slow in the left lane   7/15/00 12:17:09 PM

comment   Daytime running lights   7/15/00 5:05:19 PM

comment   Billboards, mobile billboards, and "autowraps" and other advertising   7/16/00 12:08:51 PM

comment   OUTDOOR ELECTRONIC ADVERTISING   7/17/00 5:44:03 PM

comment   Not Just Electronic Equipment!   7/18/00 3:05:19 PM

comment   Vacant and Careless Drivers   7/18/00 5:39:31 PM

comment   Billboards are intended to be distracting.   7/18/00 8:02:56 PM

comment   saab night panel (illumination)   7/18/00 8:48:57 PM

comment   Personal grooming   7/18/00 11:40:00 PM

comment   Electronic advertising in Portland, Oregon   7/18/00 11:50:47 PM

comment   Bright lights day and night, a.k.a., DRLs, "highway lights", brights, etc.   7/19/00 6:29:48 AM

comment   Driver Fatigue biggest problem on the roads   7/19/00 6:37:29 AM

comment   Sign of the Times-Live With It   7/19/00 8:23:23 PM

comment   Develop a driver alarm system to warn of pedestrians/bicycles also using roadway nearby   7/19/00 10:16:40 PM

comment   READING BOOKS AND NEWSPAPERS!   7/20/00 11:01:56 AM

comment   It's what you make as your main focus that is important; distractions are nothing new   7/20/00 3:44:44 PM

comment   It's called the PASSING lane for a reason   7/23/00 2:00:55 PM

comment   Slow in left lane   7/23/00 2:06:50 PM

comment   Daytime running lights   7/23/00 2:20:39 PM

comment   WHY IS THE NHSTA TAKING SO LONG?   7/25/00 11:02:45 AM

comment   Daytime Running Lights   7/26/00 7:16:46 AM

comment   I HATE DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS   7/26/00 7:56:15 AM

comment   Daytime Running Lights are the worst hazard on the road   7/26/00 8:11:50 AM

comment   Who initiated Daytime running lights?   7/27/00 3:32:04 AM

comment   Lights on during the day very disturbing   7/27/00 11:34:41 AM

comment   why is the nhsta taking so long?   7/27/00 11:38:34 AM

comment   Too many big trucks   7/27/00 3:01:24 PM

comment   Question your own ethics   7/27/00 3:35:48 PM

comment   Yeah, right   7/27/00 3:45:24 PM

comment   America home of the stupid laws!   7/29/00 9:08:11 AM

comment   Who pushed Canada    7/29/00 10:18:40 PM

comment   DRLs = Biggest Classaction Lawsuit Coming in History   7/30/00 12:58:36 PM

comment   Who pushed Canada?   7/30/00 11:17:56 PM

comment   DRLs - A Different Perspective   7/31/00 12:18:14 AM

comment   DRLs Indeed are a hazard   7/31/00 9:52:31 AM

comment   Indiana Tri-Level Study of Traffic Accident Causation   8/1/00 7:11:46 AM

comment   READING BOOKS AND NEWSPAPERS!   8/1/00 2:13:58 PM

comment   Drivers over 70   8/1/00 8:44:41 PM

comment   RE: Drivers over 70    8/2/00 6:42:04 AM

comment   RE: READING BOOKS AND NEWSPAPERS   8/2/00 7:15:31 AM

comment   NHTSA activities re DRLs   8/2/00 10:45:37 AM

comment   Agree, plus target young driver as well   8/2/00 7:46:35 PM

comment   Kids too young?   8/3/00 1:01:03 AM

comment   Re; Drivers over 70   8/3/00 8:57:16 AM

comment   HELP ME SOMEONE!!! DRL's Are Out of Control!   8/3/00 10:27:48 AM

comment   For the MANY who find DRLs DANGEROUS please visit www.lightsout.org   8/3/00 12:23:45 PM

comment   DRLs & "In Your Face" Drivers   8/3/00 4:53:25 PM


comment   DRLs from a motorcyclist point of view   8/4/00 7:55:16 AM

comment   Agree - Left Lane Bandits started road rage!   8/4/00 8:03:05 AM

comment   DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS (DRL'S)   8/4/00 8:08:02 AM

comment   Daytime Running Lights - WHY?   8/4/00 8:28:27 AM

comment   live with it?   8/4/00 12:14:09 PM

comment   Running lights from the rear.   8/4/00 12:32:10 PM

comment   Please! Give us some relief from DRLs!   8/4/00 5:49:55 PM

comment   DRLs are a stupid idea.   8/4/00 6:57:08 PM

comment   DRLs and risk to motorcyclists   8/4/00 11:03:22 PM

comment   Why does GM get away with it?   8/5/00 2:28:22 PM

comment   Big Trucks On The Interstate   8/5/00 2:33:57 PM

comment   DRL causes driver distractions on roadways   8/7/00 1:42:15 PM

comment   Sign of the Times--Live With It   8/8/00 10:53:26 AM

comment   Yes, but...   8/8/00 10:31:05 PM

comment   DRLs, headlights, and highway lights using high powered, focused beams   8/9/00 6:12:21 AM

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comment   Headlight glare getting out of control   8/9/00 9:31:53 PM

comment   DRLs in accident reports?   8/10/00 11:54:59 AM

comment   Ban DRL's - the NHSTA Should Be Ashamed   8/10/00 4:12:38 PM

comment   Effectiveness of DRL in Canada   8/11/00 9:15:32 AM

comment   Police officers should not be exempt from any new regulation   8/11/00 10:03:49 AM

comment   Response to Transport Canada posting re DRLs   8/11/00 3:25:31 PM

comment   DRL, OTHER CONSIDERATIONS   8/11/00 4:03:20 PM

comment   DRLs a menace and anyone who believes they are not is very misguided   8/11/00 4:08:42 PM

comment   Very Informative Posts Regarding DRLS   8/11/00 4:34:40 PM

comment   Transport Canada rebuttal   8/11/00 4:56:14 PM

comment   Keep Your Stupid Drls in Canada Then   8/11/00 5:38:36 PM

comment   It's the GLARE   8/11/00 6:51:18 PM


comment   DRLs Damaged My Eyes    8/13/00 4:00:40 PM

comment   Just found - If Not Too Late - please submit comment re strong disapproval of drls   8/13/00 5:58:58 PM