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This page is devoted to discussions regarding specific in-vehicle technologies: cell phones, navigation systems, night vision systems, wireless Internet, and information and entertainment systems, among others. The purpose is to provide an avenue for drivers to share their experiences with, and impressions of these technologies so that benefits of these systems can be realized without causing unsafe driver distraction. Although specific in-vehicle devices are emphasized here, comment and discussion relevant to other non-technological or conventional sources of distraction are also welcome. Be sure to take or view results of our informal polls.

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Cell Phones
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Navigation Systems
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Night Vision Systems
Wireless Internet (E-mail)
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comments   No, You're nuts! Cars MUST be connected to the internet.   8/1/00 11:03:37 AM

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comments   RE: Cars MUST be connected to the internet.   8/12/00 2:45:22 AM
Submitted Anonymously
Private Citizen

Refering to: Cars MUST be connected to the internet.

Learn to use this technology - in a moving vehicle!? That's irresponsible and dangerous. Adding e-mail access and the Internet to a vehicle would put people's lives at risk. Don't forget about the other people on the road. Their lives and health are much much more important than the "limited value" of a car. Cars can be replaced. A person's health or life can't be. A car isn't supposed to be a "piece of technology". The purpose of a car is to provide a means of getting from point A to point B, and IN A SAFE MANNER. Please, remember what you learned in Driver's Ed. That is, to keep your attention on the road and the surrounding traffic, period. Today, drivers can't even use a cell phone without causing horrific accidents. I've already been involved in an accident because of an irresponsible cell phone user. While fiddling with the phone, he forgot he was driving and slammed into the back of my car, which was stopped behind traffic. The availability of this technology only did harm to the quality of my life. As a result, my health will never be the same. Combined with a shattered shoulder, I suffered head trauma and nerve injuries. I was robbed of the natural ability to produce tears, adequate saliva or moisture in my sinuses. Those glands aren't functioning properly because nerves aren't signaling properly from the brain to those areas due to the severe impact of that crash. Because of that, I'm in pain every day and have to take time out to put thick, sticky drops in my eyes, irrigate my sinuses with saline solution, and take a prescription drug for more saliva, which causes side effects. So, don't talk to me about the nervous system! I no longer trust other drivers to be capable and responsible while operating a moving vehicle, which can become a lethal weapon when used improperly. Defensive driving doesn't help when stopped behind other traffic. You become a sitting duck. That's why I cringe at the thought of adding Wireless Internet inside a vehicle. As it is, drivers can't even use phones in a safe manner.

comments   RE: No Your Nuts! Cars MUST be connected to the internet   8/12/00 7:42:00 AM
Information & Entertainment Systems