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Papers, polls, Q&A items, and comments on this page are oriented to topics and issues associated with the methods and techniques used to measure driver distraction. Feel free to post comments on issues outlined below, or in response to papers, polls, and/or questions submitted to our expert panel. These discussions are meant to emphasize questions of scientific rigor for research and evaluation efforts. A moderator has been assigned to periodically synthesize comments, keep discussions focused and moving, emphasize key points, and offer additional insights into related issues.


Methods, Measures & Tools

  • How can driver distraction be safely and rigorously studied in normal driving? How valid are studies that use test tracks, simulators, or laboratory methods?
  • What measures (dependent variables) are meaningful indices of driver distraction? How do these relate to roadway safety outcomes?
  • What technologies (e.g., physiological monitoring), devices (e.g., eye trackers), or analytic techniques (e.g., steering control inputs) can be used to capture measures of distraction?
  • Are there good models that allow you to predict the distracting effects or crash risks associated with a particular distractor?
  • What, if any, mechanisms are needed to aid in the investigation of technology related crashes and what tools are needed to support these efforts?
Research Needs
  • What are the important unanswered questions relating to the scientific measurement of driver distraction? Where should research resources be directed?


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Methods, Measures & Tools
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Research Needs
   NHTSA Driver Distraction Research: Past, Present, and Future   7/6/00 3:40:10 PM

comments   Need for research into driver training/recertification programs and their effect on driver performance/distraction   7/12/00 8:48:16 PM

comments   review any existing military research on vehicle operations   7/15/00 8:54:54 PM

comments   There should be research into all distractions (such as putting on make-up), not just technological devices.   7/15/00 10:06:37 PM

comments   More Distraction   7/17/00 1:37:00 PM

comments   The needs   7/21/00 12:57:25 AM

comments   Research   7/21/00 1:03:02 AM

comments   Cell Head / Air Head   7/28/00 12:35:36 PM