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Papers, polls, Q&A items, and comments on this page are oriented to topics and issues associated with Benefits and Safety Risks of in-vehicle technologies. Feel free to post comments on issues outlined below, or in response to papers, polls, and/or questions submitted to our expert panel. Although discussions are meant to emphasize safety impacts associated with in-vehicle technological devices, comments relating to safety risks deriving from non-technological or traditional sources of distraction (e.g., eating, shaving, applying make-up, monitoring kids, etc) are also welcome. A moderator has been assigned to periodically synthesize comments, keep discussions focused and moving, emphasize key points, and offer additional insights into related issues.


Extent of Problem & Safety Risks

  • To what extent is there a safety problem? Are problems limited to new users who are first learning to use the system, or are they more pervasive and wide spread?
  • How can we maintain benefits without sacrificing safety?
  • What can we expect to see in terms of impacts and how do we assess the appropriate level of safety risks from using in-vehicle technologies?
    • Can we expect crash rates to increase as a result of in-vehicle technologies?
    • How will these technologies affect individual’s ability to drive?
    • Can drivers be trusted to regulate their use of these technologies – limiting their use to situations when it is presumed safe to operate.
    • Will drivers become less cautious as they become routinely exposed to these technologies?
Research Needs
  • What are the important unanswered questions relating to safety & benefits of in-vehicle technology. What research issues should we invest our time and resources studying?


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Extent of Problem & Safety Risks
   The Impact of Internal Distraction on Driver Visual Behavior   5/17/00 2:30:52 PM

   The Influence of the Use of Mobile Phones on Driver Situation Awareness   5/17/00 2:31:00 PM

   Issues in the Evaluation of Driver Distraction Associated with In-Vehicle Information and Telecommunications Systems   5/18/00 9:44:51 AM

   Individual Differences and In-Vehicle Distraction While Driving: A Test Track Study and Psychometric Evaluation   5/18/00 10:35:38 AM

   A Technical Platform for Driver Inattention Research   5/18/00 1:34:17 PM

   In terms of safety, what type of distraction concerns you more?   

   Have you ever witnessed, or experienced a close call or crash resulting from a driver using a cellular phone or from your personal use with a cell phone?   

   How capable are drivers at making decisions about when it is safe to use technology while driving?   

comments   my own inability   7/6/00 8:21:30 AM

comments   driving while inconversated   7/6/00 8:31:21 AM

comments   honk honk honk! hang up the @#$%$#@ cell phone please!    7/6/00 8:40:13 AM

comments   Driving is dangerous enough.   7/8/00 12:16:49 AM

comments   More distractions?   7/8/00 9:24:29 AM

comments   more comments after reading studies   7/8/00 9:28:20 AM

   Have you ever witnessed, or experienced a close call or crash resulting from a driver being distracted by something other than a cell phone? (e.g. reading a map, eating, personal grooming)   

comments   in-vehicle technology needs to be eliminated   7/13/00 10:17:06 PM

comments   Hang-up and Drive   7/14/00 10:31:02 AM

comments   General comments about distracted drivers   7/14/00 3:33:25 PM

comments   Passenger airbags; forcing children, especially rear-facing infants to the back seat where they are responsible for crash causing driver distractions.   7/14/00 5:48:07 PM

comments   Multitude of distractions   7/15/00 11:26:03 PM

comments   Distraction Perspective   7/17/00 10:42:58 PM

comments   Driving is Given Less Attention Than it Deserves   7/18/00 9:10:49 AM

comments   Now that we know.....   7/18/00 9:15:10 AM

comments   Lonely on the road   7/18/00 5:18:40 PM

comments   cell phones   7/18/00 5:27:39 PM

comments   Distractions   7/18/00 8:09:55 PM

comments   Latest attempt to legislate common sense at the expense of freedom   7/18/00 9:21:39 PM

comments   Children in the back seat   7/18/00 10:27:26 PM

comments   Benefits are minimal; not worth the risks   7/19/00 10:20:19 AM

comments   Comment on "Benefits are minimal..."   7/19/00 5:07:26 PM

comments   Benefits---I am not convinced   7/20/00 10:42:30 AM

comments   There is a solution - it's called the train   7/20/00 12:34:16 PM

comments   The *real* problem   7/21/00 11:52:59 AM

comments   What about other in-vehicle technologies?   7/21/00 5:24:54 PM

comments   The scope of "distractions" needs to be cast much wider   7/21/00 9:35:32 PM

    Trained drivers susceptible to distraction? (See detailed question below)   7/25/00 8:56:18 AM

comments   oh dear its you we should watch for   7/26/00 10:13:43 AM

comments   Driver Training   7/26/00 12:45:19 PM

comments   Engage brain before putting mouth into gear   7/27/00 1:17:58 PM

comments   comment on: Benefits---I am not convinced   8/1/00 9:57:07 AM

comments   RE: oh dear its you we should watch for    8/3/00 7:06:56 AM

comments   Map Readfing while driving   8/3/00 7:25:10 AM

comments   RE: Latest attempt to legislate common sense at the expense of freedom   8/3/00 7:59:16 AM

comments   Referring to: cell phones    8/3/00 8:54:22 AM

comments   RE: Greg Knight's comment   8/3/00 10:14:11 AM

    Technology Related Distraction & Crashes (see detailed question below)   8/3/00 10:28:09 AM

comments   Comment on: RE: Greg Knight's comment   8/3/00 12:35:46 PM

comments   Have you been to Westport, CT?   8/5/00 9:25:19 PM

comments   RE: Lonely on the road    8/7/00 11:30:54 AM

comments   driver awareness   8/8/00 10:04:57 AM

comments   Think about it   8/8/00 2:58:44 PM

comments   911?   8/8/00 3:12:11 PM

comments   Critical Input: Headway to vehicle in front   8/8/00 4:46:30 PM

comments   Riding my bike home from work   8/8/00 10:26:39 PM

comments   Infants in the back seat   8/10/00 11:10:47 AM

comments   RE: 911?   8/10/00 12:08:03 PM

comments   Human element cannot be minimized by technology   8/10/00 9:57:59 PM

comments   One size does not fit all   8/11/00 2:27:09 PM
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