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Papers, polls, Q&A items, and comments on this page are oriented to topics and issues associated with alternatives for controlling the design or use of in-vehicle technologies. Feel free to post comments on issues outlined below, or in response to papers, polls, and/or questions submitted to our expert panel. A moderator has been assigned to periodically synthesize comments, keep discussions focused and moving, emphasize key points, and offer additional insights into related issues.


Regulations & Enforcement

  • Should there be restrictions on the conditions under which a driver can use a technology? Should such restrictions be controlled through the design of the device or regulations on driver behavior?
  • How effective are reckless driving laws in preventing crashes related to driver distraction?
  • Are there effective methods to enforce regulations on use?
Safety Principles and Industry Practices
  • Are existing principles and industry practices providing adequate controls (e.g., European Commission Statement of Principles, Japanese JAMA Guidelines, Proposed SAE 15 Second Rule)?
  • Is there a need for formal standards on the design or use of in-vehicle technologies? In what areas?
Research Needs
  • What are the important unanswered questions regarding regulations, guidelines, and enforcement? What knowledge gaps need to be filled in order to develop appropriate guidelines or regulations? How effective are these sorts of controls?


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Regulations & Enforcement
    Should States or local governments enact laws to restrict the use of cell phones while driving?   

comments   How hard is enforcement?   7/10/00 1:21:31 PM

comments   Appropriate technologies in motor vehicles   7/11/00 12:35:23 AM

comments   History shows common sense is politically inncorrect   7/13/00 3:17:53 PM

comments   We need to enforce the laws we have, not legislate new ones...   7/18/00 9:21:33 AM

comments   Rebuttal   7/18/00 9:33:38 AM

comments   More laws! Oh Boy!   7/18/00 10:01:10 AM

comments   More rebuttal   7/18/00 4:05:36 PM

comments   I see cell phone users breaking existing laws EVERY DAY   7/18/00 4:06:09 PM

comments   Public Awareness Training will be Ignored   7/18/00 4:42:57 PM

comments   Effective Safety Practices   7/18/00 5:22:54 PM

comments   DITTO DITTO DITTO!!!!   7/18/00 5:51:28 PM

comments   DITTO   7/18/00 5:55:25 PM

comments   Time is Money   7/18/00 5:57:49 PM

comments   DITTO   7/18/00 6:01:54 PM

comments   It's the Driver's Responsibility   7/18/00 6:44:23 PM

comments   Like wearing a seatbelt?   7/18/00 8:21:37 PM

comments   Simple Solution   7/18/00 10:36:44 PM

comments   Just say no to new laws   7/19/00 6:46:13 AM

comments   Highways are public facilities. We can regulate them as necessary for safe use.   7/19/00 10:01:28 AM

comments   Selfish CFUs (cell phone users)   7/19/00 10:21:06 AM

comments   I agree   7/19/00 10:25:24 AM

comments   Time is NOT money!!!   7/19/00 10:29:36 AM

comments   What about mascara?   7/19/00 11:54:01 AM

comments   What about non-drivers! Time is BIG MONEY!   7/19/00 3:26:16 PM

comments   What about non-drivers! Time is BIG MONEY!   7/19/00 3:29:25 PM

comments   Comment on "What about non-drivers..."   7/19/00 4:26:18 PM

comments   Off-Topic: Road Safety in general   7/19/00 4:54:33 PM

comments   Wild, Wild West   7/19/00 5:55:51 PM

comments   Slow down and read   7/20/00 11:07:41 AM

comments   Right on!!!   7/20/00 2:30:12 PM

comments   Motivating people to drive safely   7/23/00 9:43:35 PM

comments   Enforcement   7/26/00 1:02:55 PM

comments   BIG MONEY   7/26/00 1:16:15 PM

comments   Re enforcement in collisions   7/26/00 9:19:23 PM

comments   Re "reckless driving" statutes   7/26/00 9:23:29 PM

comments   Re what about non-drivers   7/26/00 9:28:53 PM

comments   re what about...   7/26/00 9:32:37 PM

comments   Distracted Drivers   7/26/00 9:39:39 PM

comments   RE: Distracted Drivers   7/27/00 7:17:46 PM

comments   Non-moving Violations   7/29/00 5:36:26 PM

comments   Attention: Reyn Mansson   7/30/00 8:35:10 PM

comments   Whoa now! (Comment on: Attention: Reyn Mansson)   8/1/00 10:14:12 AM

comments   RE: Just say no to new laws    8/2/00 8:40:13 AM

comments   RE: What about non-drivers! Time is BIG MONEY!    8/2/00 9:19:30 AM

comments   RE: Off-Topic: Road Safety in general    8/2/00 10:06:56 AM

comments   cell phones   8/8/00 4:45:10 PM

comments   simple soultion   8/8/00 4:57:47 PM

comments   simple solutions   8/8/00 5:27:52 PM

comments   you people are all thoughtless freaks   8/9/00 2:56:39 AM

comments   RE: simple solutions   8/10/00 12:21:59 PM

comments   Some Thoughts   8/11/00 10:30:27 AM
Safety Principles and Industry Practices
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Research Needs