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This page is devoted to discussions regarding specific in-vehicle technologies: cell phones, navigation systems, night vision systems, wireless Internet, and information and entertainment systems, among others. The purpose is to provide an avenue for drivers to share their experiences with, and impressions of these technologies so that benefits of these systems can be realized without causing unsafe driver distraction. Although specific in-vehicle devices are emphasized here, comment and discussion relevant to other non-technological or conventional sources of distraction are also welcome. Be sure to take or view results of our informal polls.

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Information & Entertainment Systems
comments   Stereo systems with wheels   7/5/00 10:08:33 AM

comments   To My Kids   7/5/00 12:42:12 PM
Bill   Rees
Private Citizen

William H. Rees 5652 N. Pike Lake Rd. Duluth, MN 55811 (218)729-5852/whrees@aol.com 7/5/2000 To NHTSA Re. Comments on driver distraction. I sent the article “Distracted drivers cause up to half of traffic mishaps, safety group says,” in the June 28 issue of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, to my three teen-age drivers, and with it sent the following comments. I pass the comments along in response to your request for comments about the distracted driver problem. I add that holding manufacturers and vendors responsible for driver distractions is an appallingly bad idea, one with limitless legal implications. Teach safe attitudes by all means, but never sue a manufacturer for stupid use of a product. Sincerely, William H, Rees ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Rees Drivers, (7/4/00 Driving Distractions) This article brings up a point that simply cannot be over-emphasized; never, ever, allow distractions to affect your driving. Always, under all circumstances, maintain control of your vehicle. This means that if a bee lands on your hand, and is merrily stinging the hand, first above all else control your vehicle, for stings will heal and death will not. Needless to say, a bee flying around inside the vehicle is even less cause for concern, for he just wants to get out. It is of course therefore hardly necessary to mention that stupid and rude drivers, and those who give you the finger, never justify distraction. Don’t ever forget this! That said, I have some problems with the article. The 15% in the poll is probably more like 1% (a lot of people lie to pollsters). Everybody does some of the mentioned things. I do them all, but always with vehicle control first in mind. When I need to do something distracting I first pick my place and time. I pour coffee only when the road is wide, straight and clear. I don’t eat things in the car that may drop a mess in my lap. If there is no safe place and time, I pull over and stop the vehicle. If I drop something on the floor, I know It will stay there until I can safely get it. If I drop a lit cigarette in my lap, I knock it to the floor and leave it there until I find a safe place and pull over. In short, one can do all the listed distracting things, but NEVER do them in a distracting way. It’s really a matter of attitude. The accident in which pedestrian Steven King was run down deserves a comment. You are never safe just because you have the right-of-way. King had a perfect right to walk alongside the road but a stupid driver still put him in the hospital. Thoughtless use of crosswalks is perhaps less safe than careful jaywalking. Whenever a vehicle is in a position where it can get you, make sure it doesn’t. All accidents are unexpected. I shudder to read the words, “Manufacturers and vendors have a responsibility...” They tell me that this advocacy group would favor lawsuits against people who produce or sell things that somebody can blame for their distraction. Bad drivers can thus become victims rather than perpetrators, a very bad idea. People become distracted only because they allow themselves to become distracted. Don’t let it happen to you! Love, Dad

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