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This page is devoted to discussions regarding specific in-vehicle technologies: cell phones, navigation systems, night vision systems, wireless Internet, and information and entertainment systems, among others. The purpose is to provide an avenue for drivers to share their experiences with, and impressions of these technologies so that benefits of these systems can be realized without causing unsafe driver distraction. Although specific in-vehicle devices are emphasized here, comment and discussion relevant to other non-technological or conventional sources of distraction are also welcome. Be sure to take or view results of our informal polls.

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Cell Phones
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Navigation Systems
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Night Vision Systems
Wireless Internet (E-mail)
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Information & Entertainment Systems
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Private Citizen

By far the most prevalent and most major distraction in cars today is sound systems, both OEM and aftermarket. The problems are several. First, the sound level generated by some equipment is so loud and has so much bass that drivers of vehicles so equipped cannot hear emergency vehicle sirens, no matter how loud or piercing. Second, sound waves from these vehicles are capable of causing extreme discomfort for other nearby drivers, both auditory and emotional. I have witnessed incidents of rage directed at drivers of vehicles with these sound systems. I have also witnessed- on several occasions- vehicles so equipped setting off the motion-sensitive anti-theft alarms on nearby cars in parking lots. The capabilities of these systems far surpass anything needed for clarity of sound in an automobile. Local law enforcement is evidently incapable of handling the problem; even in a jurisdiction where ordinances exist, like my native Atlanta, it is next-to-impossible to obtain enforcement. As I see it, the only real solution is Federal regulation of automotive sound systems. I would like to see regulations emcompassing the following restrictions: 1) Restriction on the size (in overall surface area) of speakers, and the depth of speaker cones, as well as the allowable weight of speaker magnets, applicable to all OEM and aftermarket equipment. 2) A restriction on the number of speakers allowed in a vehicle, with the restriction applicable to every class of vehicle extant. 3) A restriction on the power of amplifiers, both OEM and aftermarket; my suggestion here would be to examine the wattage of lower-end OEM systems and restrict wattages to a level somewhere in the range of wattages found in such systems. 4) A complete ban on pre-amplifiers. 5) A complete ban on sub-woofers. 6) A complete ban on the installation of additional batteries in automobiles; only the OEM battery setup should be permitted. 7) A requirement that all sound system equipment designs, whether OEM or aftermarket, be submitted for Federal approval before being permitted for sale or distribution. I would also like to see a class of Federal violation created for drivers who violate such regulations, with a system of Federal enforcement; local jurisdiction enforcement is a complete joke. I would also want to see regulations concerning such sound systems enacted with NO "grandfathering" whatever; drivers of vehicles in violation of new regulations should be required to remove the equipment completely. Again, these systems are dangerous to both the drivers of the vehicles so equipped, and to the public at large. PLEASE help stop this horrendous auditory assault!

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