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This page is devoted to discussions regarding specific in-vehicle technologies: cell phones, navigation systems, night vision systems, wireless Internet, and information and entertainment systems, among others. The purpose is to provide an avenue for drivers to share their experiences with, and impressions of these technologies so that benefits of these systems can be realized without causing unsafe driver distraction. Although specific in-vehicle devices are emphasized here, comment and discussion relevant to other non-technological or conventional sources of distraction are also welcome. Be sure to take or view results of our informal polls.

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Cell Phones
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Navigation Systems
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Night Vision Systems
Wireless Internet (E-mail)
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Information & Entertainment Systems
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Mike   Voytko
Private Citizen

Refering to: Stereo systems with wheels

Though car stereos can be used safely and responsibly by some people, I agree that car audio gear, both OEM and especially aftermarket, has become so excessively powerful as to impair the driver's hearing (permanently) *and* pose a distraction/annoyance to other drivers, and anyone else in the surrounding area--indoors or out. I find this a major contributor to driving related stress, which in turn makes me less focused on the road. Since we require cars to be factory equipped with mufflers & emission controls to protect the peace and the environment, imposing objective wattage/equipment limitations _and_ more subjective usage restrictions on car audio systems should be a logical next step. Manufacturers should certainly not be able to ship cars with OEM systems that are advertised as being as powerful as a dance club's. Laws need to be written or revised so that law enforcement need not carry expensive commerical noise meters to be able to issue a violation; right now, some jurisdictions with laws on the books can't effectively enforce them, because they are written around specific decibel limits. Let's face it: if someone has a 12" subwoofer installed in their car, it's probably not there for decoration purposes. And if a stereo can be heard outside the vehicle, that should be sufficient for issuing a violation, in the same way that witnessing any other traffic violation is. Stiff fines should be imposed, but these can still be ignored by the most determined scofflaw. Confiscating offending equipment or even impounding vehicles would be a strong deterrent for repeat offenders; Certain states that ban radar detectors already permit confiscation. The original poster's statement that mostly young males behave in this manner suggests another important task: preventing these behavior patterns from developing, and carrying into adulthood. Young people have been finding ways to make cars noisy and distracting for years, but it seems fewer and fewer are growing out of it. Parents and educators need to be strong, attentive role models so that their charges learn to grow up to be considerate, and have things to occupy their time besides deafening and endangering themselves and others on the road.

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